Carla Krutzen

Born in the area of South Limburg, The Netherlands on May 18th 1949.

Artist designer and Master jeweler.
Specialized in the non-ferrous (sweet) metals.

The sweet metals:

Are hammered out cold and therefore ideal for the sculptor / jeweler.
At any mixing (alloy) of copper with gold, silver, platinum, palladium, lead, nickel, zinc, tin
and aluminum metals arise again with new structures, properties and colours, such as
white, green, yellow and red gold in different carats, silver in different contents,
nickel-silver, brass, tombac and all bronze.


Followed at the Academy of Fine Arts Maastricht.
After having opted for the Fashion Design program for a number of years, she switched to
the Department of Design in Metals and Plastics at the end of 1969.
In 1973 she obtained her HBO (Higher Vocational Education) Bachelor’s degree
and thus also got her Master’s degree.


Sculptor Piet Killaars (1922-2015)
Constructor-engineer Kees van de vosse (1922-1998)
Master jeweler Fons Paanakker (1915-1985),
The latter was a former pupil of Frans Zwollo jr.,
the son of the famous silversmith Frans Zwollo sr. (1872-1945),
he became the first teacher of the art of driving in the Netherlands in 1897.


Most consists of wearable jewelery in which her Fashion Design and Sculpture studies
are clearly expressed.
Each piece is unique, earthy and her sense of scale, size and colour decisive.
Her indispensable sources of inspiration are journeys and exchanges
with other cultures and natures.

Other activities:

Carla taught and tutored as mentor to earn her basic income.
Until 1987 at the Free Academies in The Hague and Leidschendam.
- Until 1991 at the Free Academy in Gouda.
- In 1988 she founded The Breston Academy Scheveningen,
a school specialized in non-ferrous (sweet) metals, where she taught for 25 years.
On January 1st 2014, the year in which Carla turned 65,
this school ceased to exist for good because there were no enthusiastic successors.
- In 2005 and 2006 she taught at Canador College during the Summer School of Arts
‘Artsperience’ and in the studio of Jana Brogan, both in North Bay, Ontario, Canada.

- In 2002 she became a member as a professional artist
of the Department Design & Architecture of The Hague Art Circle.
- In 2013 she became a member of the Art&Jazz artists collective.
- In 2019 she became a member as a professional artist
of the Department Visual Arts of The Hague Art Circle.

Carla has had many exhibitions in her own hometown and surroundings,
at art fairs and at the invitation of galleries at home and abroad.
Whether it was in The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Malta, Canada or Greenland,
she loved to exhibit in her own studio, a warehouse in Scheveningen,
close to the North Sea, together with other artists and talented students.
After her return from Greenland end 2016,
she moved to the heart of The Hague and lives and works as usual.


1967-1980 & 1980-1989 - The young years
- Carla & The Breston Academy Scheveningen years
& 2022< The rooted years

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