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Carla Krutzen

Born in Heerlen, a city in the area of South Limburg, The Netherlands on May 18th 1949.
Designer and Master jeweller, specialized in nonferrous (sweet) metals.

Carla in de Breston Academie

Carla studied at Maastricht, Academy of Fine Arts and Design (ABKM). After attending classes in fashion design, she transferred in 1969 to the Department of Design in Metals and Artificial Materials. Carla came into an inspiring environment where things were made, not copied, where people wanted to investigate and stood out by the original way they saw things. That is why her source of inspiration started with her teacher Fons Paanakker and her friends the floral designer Toon Leemans (?-1980) and the art-photographer John Berwald (1945-1983), they died unfortunately to early.


Carla was taught by sculptor Piet Killaars (1922-2015), design engineer Kees van de Vosse (1922-1998) and Master jeweller Fons Paanakker (1915-1985). The latest was a student of Frans Zwollo jr., the son of the famous Dutch Master jeweller Frans Zwollo sr. (1872-1945), the first teacher in silversmithing in The Netherlands in 1897.
She finished her study as a Bachelor of Arts and obtained her jewellers mark in 1973.
As a designer and Master jeweller, she specialized in nonferrous (sweet) metals.

vlam, hamer afbeelding


The jewels of Carla clearly show her background in fashion design and sculptural art and are made of nonferrous (sweet) metals, the real province of the jeweller/sculptor.
Each alloy of copper with gold, silver, platinum, palladium, lead, nickel, zinc, tin and aluminum produces an alloy of different color, structure and working properties, as white, green, yellow and red gold in different karats, silver in different grades, nickel silver, brasses and bronzes and be all hammered out cold.
Every jewel of her is earthly and unique and her sense of dimension, design and tinge distinctive.
Her source of inspiration, travelling and come into contact with different civilizations, is indispensable for her.

Other activities

As well as a designer and jeweller, Carla has given training and courses to earn her basic income:
- At The Free Academy of Fine Arts until 1987 in The Hague and in Leidschendam and until 1991 in Gouda.
- In 1988 she founded the Breston Academy Scheveningen, a school of design in sweet metals.
Because of not one successor, this school was finished after 25 years on January 1st 2014, the year Carla be 65 years old.
- In 2005 and 2006 she taught at Canadore College during the Summer School of Arts “Artsperience” and in the studio of Jana Brogan, both in North Bay, Ontaria, Canada.
Since then she maintains contact with artists as Peter Sloan in British Columbia, Doug McAvoy in Alberta and Hanne Bruun in Greenland.
- Carla is a member as a professional artist of The Hague Art Circle (Haagse Kunstkring, HKK) downtown The Hague.


After a lot of exhibitions in and around Carla’s place of residence, at art fairs, at the invitation of galleries in The Netherlands and abroad, it could be in Maastricht, Amsterdam, Brussels, Luxemburg, Aachen or Toronto, her favourite shows always were in her own studio together with artists and talented students.
- She had her first exhibition in De Jaarbeurs (Trade Fair Centre) in Utrecht, showing a candlestick made of a square sheet of nickel-silver on behalf of her school of education.
- She obtained the first prize during a fashion-show in the Berchmans-society in Maastricht with a tiara made out of a sheet of zinc and a tunic made out of a length of jute in 1970.
- The first publication of her work, a brooch (the Jester) made out of shreds of yellow-copper, is in the professional Dutch Journal “Edelsmeden” (Precious Metal”) in 1973.
- She had her first foreign exhibition in Brussels, Belgium at the invitation of the then permanent representative of The Netherlands in the EC, Dr. Bernard R. Bot and Mrs. Christine Bot-Pathy together with the Association Women of Europe in 1993.

Exhibitions after 2013 are:

- October and November “Het haagse Hops Hoorn” in De Boterhal, Hoorn, an exchange project between artists from The Hague and Hoorn.
-December, together with the sculptor Frans Kokshoorn, in the Bovenzaal of the HKK, The Hague.

- February and March “De 4th Scheveningse Salon” in Muzee Scheveningen, The Hague, after the example of the popular French “Salon de Paris” founded in 1648.
- May “Vrijheid & Bevrijding” in the Lange Zaal of the HKK, The Hague.
- May and June in Het Pop-In Kunsthuis Elsenhove, Amstelveen. At the invitation of the city of Amstelveen.
- June and July “Zomergasten” together with the sculptor Desirée Wijgman in the Hoge Zaal of the HKK, The Hague.
- November on the outside-fair “Spiritofwinter” together with the sculptor Desirée Wijgman, Palace Het Loo, Apeldoorn.
- December, together with the artist Trudie Wals (graphic art), in the Bovenzaal of the HKK, The Hague.

- November and December in The Greenland Cultural Centre Katuaq in Nuuk, at the invitation of the city of Nuuk and together with the Greenlandic and contemporary designers/jewellers Hanne Bruun and Palle Møller from Nuuk and Karen Fly from Copenhagen, Denmark.

Coming exhibitions are:
- June 6th until 11th, a demonstration participation “Art in the business and a Poet in the shop” downtown The Hague, together with the BIZ Denneweg and Buurtschap Centre 2005.
- August 30th until September 24th, “THREE-DIMENSIONAL” open-minded in visual & fine arts.
An exhibition in the Hoge Zaal and the garden of the HKK, The Hague, together with Hans la Hey, Frans Kokshoorn, Peter van Loon, Wieke Terpstra, Sytske de Jong, Cees Post, Wim Verbakel, Els Albersen en Jan-Willem van Swigchem.
Opening September 2nd - 5 pm.
- October 28th until November 19th, the “5th Scheveningse Salon” in the Bovenzaal of Muzee Scheveningen, The Hague.
Opening Oktober 28th - 6 pm.

Photo presentation

Take a look at the pictures made between 1988-2014 on the Breston Academy Scheveningen.

Meesterteken Carla Krutzen

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